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When it comes to Mobile gaming, there are too many options available. Choosing one of them is quite a difficult task. So, here are the 10 most fascinating games, from which you can choose your best match based on your interest.

10). Pokemon Go

Pokemon go is a highly addictive game developed and published by Niantic and released in July, 2016. Although, the game is free, but there are some in app purchases as well. The game has a map based on the geographical location of a player. Gyms serve as battle locations. As the player moves within their real world, there avatars move within the map. Different Pokemon species reside in different areas such as near rivers, near a zoo etcetera. Argumented Reality(AR) mode uses the camera and gyroscope on the players’ mobile to display an image of a Pokemon. They throw Pokeballs to catch a Pokemon. Factors in the success rate of catching a Pokemon includes Pokemon’s catch rate, the timing and the type of Pokeball used. After that the player is awarded with in-game currencies ,Stardust and Candies, which could be used to raise the combat power of a Pokemon. Players expand their Pokemon gallery with different kinds of Pokemons they catch.

9). Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a 2D physics based driving game developed and published by Fingersoft and released in September, 2012. It is a single player game in which the objective is to collect coins and reach high scores by driving as far as you can. The player dies if they run out of gas in the vehicle, or the avatar’s head hits the ground. There are coins for different tricks such as flips, air time etcetera. The coins are used to upgrade the vehicle or to buy a new one. Players can also buy different stages using the coins. Different stages have different challenges like different gravity, traction, terrain or obstacles etcetera.

8). Angry Birds

Angry Birds was created by Rovio Entertainment and was released in 2009. Thereafter many movies, books, comics, animated series and video games based on Angry Birds were released and it was the biggest hit of that time. In 2016, it had more than 3 billion downloads. During the Swine Flu epidemic, pig was considered as Bird’s enemy and so it was also introduced as enemy in this game. The game is a puzzle video game with around 731 levels. Players use a slingshot to launch birds in order to achieve the required goal by destructing the given structures. There are several types of birds like the basic red bird and some with special abilities like the yellow bird which speeds up, a blue bird which fragments into three, a black bird which explodes, a white bird which drops an egg, a pink bird which traps object using bubble, a green bird that boomerangs back and an orange bird which expands and inflates. The special abilities of different Birds can be activated by tapping the screen. Players can use it to maximum extent by tapping at right moment. The game tests your problem solving skills.

7). Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2, successor of the famous game Temple Run, is more or less similar to its first part. This game was developed and programmed by husband and wife, Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova. It was released on Google Play in January 2013. The gameplay was the same as the Temple Run with some new features like energy level bar, water falls and new obstacles. Also the three chasing monkeys in the earlier version, were replaced by a mighty and cruel one. After the later update there were 27 characters in total.

6). Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga was developed and published by King and it was released in December 2014. It is a three-matching candy game in which players complete levels by achieving the required target. It basically focuses on your alertness and problem solving skills. It is one of the first and most successful game which can be completed for free. It is based on swapping two candies which were adjacent to make a row or column of three or more candies of same type. The matching of four candies gives a stripped one which can clear a complete row or column depending upon the direction of stripes. Candy bomb is created when a T-joint is matched. Matching of 5 candies gives a cake bomb which when matched with any candy cleared all the candies of that color. Although there were some in-game purchases to make the levels easier most of the players preferred to play it for free.

5). Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers, an endless runner mobile game, developed by Kiloo and SYBO games, released in May 2012, is a single player game focusing on your reflexes and alertness. Later on with the world tour update it became really popular, and in 2017 it was the most downloaded game across the globe. Also it was the first game to cross 1 billion downloads. The runner tries to escape from a fat police man and his dog through a Subway dodging trains and collecting coins and boosters such as Jetpack, sneakers etcetera. With about 14 characters which are unlocked using in game purchases, connecting it to Facebook and collecting tokens this game is really fascinating.

4). Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Mini militia is a free-to-play game developed by Appsomniacs and released on Google Play on March 18, 2015. Although the game also has single player mode but the real fun is its multiplayer mode. You can setup a Wi-Fi on LAN which supports up to 12 players or online which supports a maximum of 6 players per server. This game has two joysticks, one on the left for movement and other on the right for shooting. Players can find powerful weapons at certain places or by killing an enemy. Players can set the time for the match and at the end of the game the player with most number of kills wins the game. It has infinite respawning. You can form teams as well on LAN and compete with your friends.

3). Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer mediaeval strategic game based on your managing and tactical skills. It was developed by Finnish game developer Supercell and was released on Google Play in October,2013. In this game players all around the globe can join in clans take part in clan wars, donate and receive troops. The player is supposed to build a town that is protected from Enemies attack, also players can use their tactics and strategies to attack others and reap the rewards.

2).World Cricket Championship 2

If you are a cricket fan, and you haven’t played this game, then you are still to experience the best. Founded by Nextwave Multimedia, it is a sequel game of World Cricket Championship and is the most famous cricketing Android game, thanks to it’s amazing graphics and gameplay. This game gives you real time experience. There are many modes like quick match, test cricket, IPL, tournaments etcetera. With the new update this game has some interesting features like LED lightings in the stumps, the National Anthems, the DRS system, and Hindi commentry as well. Drinks break, dugout, D/L method, hotspot, snickometer, hot events, highlights etcetera add to the tally which provides a fascinating experience to the players. This game has 40 plus in-game camera angles and 32 venues, 18 different International teams along with 10 domestic teams.

1). PUBG

Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds( PUBG) is an online multiplayer game developed and published by South Korean company Bluehole. It was released worldwide on March 19, 2018. This game can be played solo, duo or as a team with maximum of 4 players. 100 players enter a match and fight with each other, the last man (or team) standing wins the match. Players can choose between the maps and perspective vision in classic mode. While there is an arcade mode also which includes some interesting gameplays. All players enters the match unarmed (except for the war mode) and they find guns armors and weapons and different necessary items in buildings or other sites. Killed players convert into crates which others can loot for their gears. There are air drops as well which contain rare and mightier weapons and other equipments. Every few minutes the playing area shrinks and every player should be in the playable area or he will take damage if he is in the blue zone which follows. Each time as the circle shrinks the game becomes intense and more intense. This game also has attractable weapon finishes, backpacks, helmet shades, clothings for your character. All in all this game tests your reflexes, situational awareness, planning and tactical skills.

Although these games can be fun but if you have a choice, i would say, you should go for outdoor games as these mobile games have their disadvantages as well.

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Special thanks to- Shrey Srivastava

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