How To Choose Universities Of Abroad If You Are Planning For MBBS In Abroad?

Every year more than 14 lakhs of aspirants seat in NEET entrance examination for MBBS and BDS course for getting seat in government college of India. If we count total no of seats in various government colleges of India then you will found than only 60-65 thousands of seats are present.
So scene is very clear that even many of meritorious student are getting deprived from their dream to become a doctor, because seats are very limited in government colleges and if someone try to get admission in Pvt colleges of India then it is game of all about money which range from 50 lakhs to 1.2 crores. So here only get admission who have good financial background. But if you compare the studies and the resources which provided by many of Pvt colleges of India then we find that they don’t justify the price tag that they have mark on per seat. But if you try to fulfill your dream and become a doctor even if you are getting deprived from a seat in government college ,then you can fulfill your dream by choosing medical Universities of abroad. Some reason which can show you why you have to choose foreign medical Universities:-

1) Low medical fees:
You have to only spent between 20 to 35 lakhs for whole course of MBBS, which is pretty much less than Indian Pvt colleges.

2) Without any donation: You don’t have to pay any donation regarding medical seat.

3) MCI recognise college with good rank in among world’s medical College.

4) Safe environment: Countries like Russia, Ukraine, China have very safe environment for Indian students.

5) Indian mess and and accommodation facilities are separate for Indian students.

6) English medium course of MBBS.

Now the question is how to choose among these Universities and country. If you see the numbers then most of the students who are studying in abroad for MBBS then we see that the 1st choice of countries by students is Russia , Ukraine or China.

If you are comparing the studies of these 3 countries then both 3 countries provide high quality of medical education, but if our website ranks these countries for you from our sources which are currently studying in these countries then we rank:

1st- Ukraine
2nd -China
3rd- Russia

So if you are willing to getting admission in these countries then 1st of all you have to check MCI recognition status of your particular University.
If you are willing to get admission in China or Russia then you must have to check that your University is Fully English medium or not, because some Universities are partial English medium. In Ukraine all universities are English medium.

Hope these information are helpful for your future endeavours. If any questions regarding any universities around world then you can comment in comment section.

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