How To Choose Between Intel Core i3, i5 And i7 ?

Often, buyers get confused when they come to choose a processor with better performance. Like, will it be suitable for multi-tasking, heavy-tasks, long lasting, power consumption, etc. Though, lots of factor affecting performance are turbo boost, cache memory size, hyper-threading, etc. But here we will be discussing only about core i3, core i5 and core i7.

Core i3 belongs to the family of low- ranging performance. All currently available Intel processors can be categories as core i3, core i5 and i7. They are doing well for few years. Moreover Intel have came up with better performance.


Intel core i3, had introduced micro-architecture like Westmere, Sandy Bridge and IVY Bridge initial. Later on it come with some advanced micro-architecture like Haswell, Sky Lake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake. All with the word size of 64 bit.

Note: All core i3 are dual-core system with Intel core i3 will be less expensive than core i5 system as well. Intel core i3-8th generation is latest.

Here are some core i3 models:

Intel core i3 – 8130 U with 4 MB cache memory

Intel core i3 – 7130 U with 3 MB cache memory

Core i5

With the better advancement Intel introduced core i5 processor. It is a family of mid range performance with 64 x 86 processor designed for desktops and laptops. For its better performance core i5 is positioned between the high-end performance (core i7) and low-end performance (core i3).

Here are some core i5 models:

Intel core i5 – 8269 U with 6 MB cache memory

Intel core i5 – 8300 H with 8 MB cache memory

Intel core i5 – 8265 U with 6 MB cache memory

Core i7

Intel core i7 is a high-end performance processor designed for desktops and laptops. Mostly core i7 CPUs are quad core. Some of core i7 extreme processor have 6 or 8 cores. Generally, we find that most applications can’t take advancement of 6 or 8 cores, resulting their performance boost from there extra cores is not as great. But there are some other factors that might influence CPUs speed are cache size, Hyper-threading, turbo-boost, etc. Relatively Intel core i7 is for better than Intel core i3 and i5.

Note: 8th generation is the latest in core i7 with Kaby Lake refresh and coffee Lake micro-architecture.

Here are some i7 models:

Intel core i7 – 8565 U with 8 MB cache memory.

intel core i7 – 9700 K with 12 MB cache memory.

Where to use ?

For daily use like browsing, watching videos, getting news updates, etc. Intel i3 processor will be better. But if you have to do much more than daily use like official use, learning programming, you may refer Intel core i5 processors for smooth performance. In case core i7 processors are used for higher performance. For heavy tasks such as 3-D gaming, video and audio editing, web developing, etc.

Note: Better if i7 processors are used on desktops to avoid excess heating.

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