First Flight? Do You Have Any Questions?

Traveling is always a fascinating experience for all of us.It helps in releasing our stress and refreshing our mind.And when we are planning for traveling in flight then it is like a cherry on the cake.Below are some tips you should follow while traveling in flight …

1).Book your tickets cheaper..

First of all you have to keep in mind  that the fare of flight tickets are not constant so try to book your tickets 1 or 2 month before the date of traveling.

2).Know your luggage capacity according to your flight.Read the baggage allowance rule of your flight carefully,make sure that the dimension of luggage and weight restrictions are according to guidelines. Also, keep in mind that sharp things like knives, scissors, nail cutters etc are not allowed with the check-in baggage.

3).Window seat Preference

If you prefer window seat while your travel ,be sure to choose your seat early.Below are some ways that help you to get your preferred seat…

a) Choose a seat while you are booking your ticket

b) Arrive airport early and ask your boarding gate employ to provide you a window seat.

c) Get your window seat by early check-in

4).Make sure that you have taken all the necessary documents

a) Passport (for abroad travel only)

b) ID proof ( issued by government)

5).Meal preference

You can choose either veg or non-veg while booking your seat or in flight when you are traveling

6).Follow the instructions provided by cabin crew members during travel.

a) Window shades need to be pulled up during takeoff

b) Put your mobile phones on air plane mode

c) Fasten your seat belt

d) Listen carefully to the informations provided before your take off on how to act during an emergency.

7). Reach the airport 2 hrs (for domestic flight) or 3 hrs (for international flight) before your scheduled time.

Hope these informations help you while you travel… have a happy and safe journey.

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