Chemical Leak Cause Death In Vizag

Vizag gas leak: Tanks unattended since March caused leak, says ...

In Andra Pradesh, Visakapatnam there is a tragedy of leaking gas from a chemical plant, what is that gas, how it spread, how much dangerous it is for human, who is the main culprit behind this tragedy?now that time there is a total of 8 people die because of this gas, Vizag police commissioner RK MEENA tells that there is an inconvenience in a chemical factory after opening in lockdown.FIR is pressed against the management of the factory, people are very frightened, police, NDRF  transfer the patient in KING GEORGE HOSPITAL for treatment till now 5 people die in the hospital and 3 workers of the factory is also the people are transferring to Medadhri, Geda and other safe places, our PM Narendra Modi also tweet to this situation and assure the safety of people of Vizagthe gas is spread in the area of 1km in and other gases are using to neutralize this gas.this company belongs to LG polymers Hindustan Pvt. limited. In 1997 LG take over this plant from Hindustan polymernow let’s see what is that gas and how much it can affect the health of human, this gas is Styrian PVC(polyvinyl chloride ). this gas cause irritation in the skin, tiredness, problem in breathing, loss of consciousness, fainting, the problem in sexual drive. It’s a colourless liquid substance which converted into gas after coming in contact with air and spread very fastly. This mainly used in building materials, doors, floor, roof, joint, packaging material, Electronic insulation, plastics etc. because it is cheap and very powerful adhesive. it can be transformed into solid and liquid depend upon the substance come in contact, so now the gas present in the environment can be absorbed by fruits, vegetables and can easily go to the human body by the means of eating.till now there is not a proper confirmation that how this gas leaks, responsible authorities are trying to find the reason behind this gas leaking. Any further information about this incident should be provided by our blog.Courtesy; BBC India

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