America Claims Nuclear Test Has Been Done By China

China dismisses US claim it conducted low-level nuclear test ...
Nowadays there is a big problem of corona in our world and china is on his pathway of destruction. recently china test a nuclear weapon in sinjihan, where china already tested his 1st nuclear test in Oct 1964 and China continually increasing his nuclear strength to become the superpower of the world.Recently American secret service openly said about the nuclear test of china by the geo satellite of America and it also released pictures of that place where the actual nuclear test occurred in china.America president directly said that its inappropriate to test nuclear test in this environment of tension, and according to the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty (CTBT), that bans all nuclear explosions for both civilian and military purposes in all environment, so, china can’t test their any type of nuclear weapon.There is a system in our world called the international monitoring system through which any type of nuclear explosion in the world is detected. there are a total of 275 stations in our world. And there are stations also in china near to sinjihan through which there are solid proofs for this nuclear test. China is becoming the enemy of the world by his recent activities of coronavirus pandemic and china also getting results for his activities like India and Germany,Spain changes their rules in FDI in which Chinese companies willbe facing a lot of problems in their business and it also affects the GDP of China, now china in pools of problems because of American President wants to the actual reason behind the viruses and now information about the nuclear test in china.All countries have to come one side and react seriously on the issue of the propogandas which is rapidly spreading from china.

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