All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S10 And S10+ : Features, Specification And Everything You Need To Know

The Samsung galaxy S series has always been in the flagship lineup but it usually gets overshadowed by the Galaxy Note series, but with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series Samsung has hit the home run. The S10 series comes in three variants the S10+, S10 and the S10e. We will talk more about the S10e in the next article because there’s so much to talk about the S10+ and S10 that including S10e in the same article would be doing injustice to it. So, the Galaxy S10+ is Samsung’s latest flagship and maybe a competition to the Pixel and iPhone. So is it worth the competition? Let’s talk about it. The Samsung galaxy S10+ and S10 have a gorgeous look right of the bat. The S10+ comes in two versions one with a ceramic body while and Gorilla Glass 6 in the front while the other comes with glass and metal body perfectly melding into each other to fit your hands, the back is fitted with Gorilla Glass 5 to survive the hard falls and the front again comes with Gorilla Glass 6. The galaxy S10 comes with aluminum frame body and Gorilla Glass 5. If you are worried about the weight of the phone, don’t, the ceramic version surprisingly weighs only 198g and the other weighs about 175g while the S10 weighs about 157g. The S10+ comes with a stunning hole punch dynamic amoled display which is really vibrant and gets bright enough when outdoors for a hassle free viewing experience. I would say it’s the best looking display so far, talking about the odd placing of the notch it might take some time getting used to but it isn’t really a sore to the eye. Both the phones come with an ultrasonic under display fingerprint scanners. What it means for you? You don’t need to turn on the display for the fingerprint scanner to work, it works well irrespective of how wet, dry or maybe dirty your fingers are, most of the time. Talking about the camera Samsung has started with triple camera setup with three different focal lengths in both the S10 and S10+. Talking about charging both the phones come with wireless charging and reverse charging, which isn’t very efficient when charging heavy battery devices but you can charge devices like the galaxy earbuds which it basically is for. Here’s an in-depth comparison between the two phones.


The S10+ comes sports a 6.4 inches amoled display with a powerful resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels and a 19:9 screen to body ratio. The display is fitted with Gorilla Glass 6, HDR10+ for the best viewing experience which always has been the case for Samsung phones and always on display.

The S10 follows the S10+ in the display segment except for the reduced screen size which is 6.1 inches but maintaining the same screen to body ratio.


The phone is selling in two versions European which basically is going to sell around the globe and then the other version for USA and China.

The European version comes with Exynos 9820 chipset packed with octa-core CPU and Mali-G-76 MP12 while the other version comes with snapdragon 855 again packed with octa-core CPU and a graphics driver of Adreno 640. Both the phones come with android 9 (Pie) with Samsung one UI.


The Samsung galaxy S10+ comes in two variants one with a large storage 1 TB internal storage with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage with 8 GB of RAM. You can expand storage with a microSD card upto 512 GB which gives you a whopping 1.5 TB of storage, store all you want without ever worrying.

The S10 comes with 512 GB of storage with 8 GB of RAM.


Both the phones share the same triple camera setup, a 12 MP f/1.5 wide lens, a 12 MP f/2.4 telephoto lens, 16 MP f/2.2 ultrawide lens. The camera performance is really top of the notch as compared to other phones out there but compared to the pixel it isn’t really that good. There’s no dedicated night sight in camera, which might come up in the new software updates but we can’t say that. The camera delivers when in low light but if you compare it to the dedicated night sights of other phones out there like pixel and xiaomi. The camera gives it best in outdoor conditions and with the ultrawide lens and depth lens you can boost your creativity, other features are HDR and panorama. The rear camera records videos at 2160p@60fps.

The front camera on S10+ is a dual camera setup one of them being a depth sensor while the main shooter is 10MP the depth sensor is 8 MP but the S10 lacks the depth sensor and has a single camera setup which is 10 MP. Both phones again support face unlock but since it lacks IR sensors there’s not much you can expect from them in the dark.


The S10+ has a battery of 4100 mAh which supports wireless and wired fast charging which easily lasts a day given the huge screen size and vibrant display. On the other hand the S10 comes with 3400 mAh battery which again supports wired and wireless charging.

Samsung has set a tough competition with the S10 series for other flagships coming this year. What do you think about it?

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