Afterlife Of Coronavirus

How to prepare for new life after coronavirus lockdown ends ...

Coronavirus has now become a nightmare of most countries, but think what will happens if it lasts long and year, or may a few months. 
Yes maybe the first picture coming in our is true – Destruction, but it is very interesting about to know that every country has their loss and gain after the end of the viruses. Yes, of course, it is china we all know that China is the main reason behind this Did China created this virus or it was natural? We will not talk about this here. There is the report in New york times that a large number of medicines, mask, and other medical types of equipment America send to china, that is more than the cost of small country GDP.
We all know that Italy the most civilized country is 1st in our list because it seems to be it suffers a lot from these viruses. After that end of this situation, it may be the much behind the country in a race of economy. And America the top country is losing his people, according to norms but Coronavirus is affecting its economy. And other countries are also suffering in their way.There is one thing that our earth is in much danger, that it may be possible that our half population may be wiped out.after that coronavirus, the main problem arises in afront of all of us is the hunger problem, because in this global lockdown every country using pre-reserve food items like rice, wheat and other food items our earth 12.9% or 795millon people who have not to eat or undernourished, and 35% who don’t have their proper ratio in there, This percentage will increase very exponentially after the situation. but out thing out of the topic is that china is already 45-50% recovered and most of is recovering fastly, on the other hand, other countries are now starting to suffering or in the condition of suffering by this brutal coronavirus, and china is now only hope for these countries.although guys stay home to stay safe.

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