10 Simple Natural Tips To Loose Weight Safely.

All of us are more attracted towards the yummy food and we all love eating. We are also not a fan of doing exercises. But both the things help in increasing obesity. In today’s period we all want to be fit slim and healthy, but only some of us take care of their food habits and physical exercises. Below are some of the ways which can help you loose your weight and maintain your body shape:

1.Make your own diet plan:
Plan your Breakfast ,Lunch and Diner. Make a healthy food chart for entire week which contains food which are rich in fibres and low in fat and cholesterol.

2. Don’t skip your Breakfast:
Breakfast is necessary because you have to take essential minerals and vitamins in your diet and if you don’t take breakfast in morning then you feel hungry whole day and most probably you take some junk food.

3. Drink 3 Litres of water:
By drinking plenty of water you can reduce your quantity of food in your diet and water also increase metabolism which can help you in weight loss.

4. Do exercises and Yoga:
It help you to burn your excessive fats and calories.

5. Green Leafy vegetables :
Vegetables like Spinach , swissa chards etc are rich in vitamins and minerals but are low in calories. So eat vegetables.

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6. Take Green Tea:
Some recent research proves that green tea help in weight loss.You can get More information on green tea by our earlier website blog.

7. Avoid more Sugar and starch:
Taking more sugar can increase your weight so try to take sugar free products.

8. Read food labels:
Before taking food products like milk, curd, butter etc. read their fat contents.

9. Apply some tricks:
If you are right handed then you have to try to eat with left hand and vice versa.It will help in decreasing your eagerness towards food.

10. Relax your mind and try to be happy:
Because most of the time if you are tensed then fooding habits are changed , and you lose track of what you are eating in your diet and how much. So relax your mind and body.

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